Conference Proceedings - 2013

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  Preface 1
Luděk Benada Dependence of Stock Return in the Prague Stock Exchange on the Oil Price 3
Joanna Bialynicka-Birula Investment in Art – Specifity, Risks, and Rates of Return 10
Bálint Botos
László Nagy
Mihály Ormos
Pairs Trading Arbitrage Strategy in the Old and New EU Member States 21
Antonio Cerqueira
Claudia Pereira
Financial Reporting Quality and Information Asymmetry in Europe 32
Liběna Černohorská
Filip Honza
Specifics of the Banking Sectors in the Countries of Former Yugoslavia 52
Jan Černohorský
Lucie Kynclová
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Integration of Bond Markets in the European Union 62
Oleg Deev What Has Europe Taught Us about Banking Integration and Financial Stability? 73
Ewa Dziwok Yield Curve Modeling and its Application for Post-Crisis Monetary Policy 80
Lenka Fojtíková
Monika Kovářová  
Influence of China´s Entry into the WTO on Cross-Border Financing  86
Martina Halásková
Renáta Halásková
Assessment of Public Expenditures in Selected Areas of Public Services in EU Countries 93
Pavlína Haltofová
Edita Rácková
Real Activity of Civic Associations in the Czech Republic and their Financing 104
Fatma Hamza Choice between Bank Loans, Publicly Traded Debt and Equity in Mergers and Acquisitions 111
Tomáš Heryán Stock Prices Volatility and Trading Volume: Evidence from Selected World Financial Companies´ Shares 117
Martin Hodula Measuring Banking Union Efficiency Improvement for EA and non-EA Countries 126
Michal Holčapek
Tomáš Tichý
Some Results on the Law of Large Numbers for Random LU-Fuzzy Numbers in the Context of Simulation of Financial Quantities 135
Jana Hvozdenská The Yield Curve as a Predictor of Economic Activity – the Case of the EU-15 142
Silvie Chudárková
Karin Gajdová
Pavel Tuleja
Comparative Analysis of Return on Public Investment in Education 151
Filip Chybalski Financial Stability of Pension Systems: A Cross-Country Analysis 161
Veronika Kajurová
Oleg Deev
Network Analysis of European Financial Institutions CDS Market 170
Gábor Dávid Kiss
Tamás Schuszter
The Euro Crisis and Contagion among Central-East European Currencies 178
Petr Koráb
Tomáš Heryán
Is the Gresham´s Law Still Valid? Evidence from South American Dollarized Economies 191
Jana Kotlebová Loans to Non-Financial Corporations as an Indicator of Economic Recovery – Case of Slovakia 198
Aleš Kresta Currency Risk Modelling by GARCH-Copula Model 210
Jana Kubicová The Role of Corporate Income Tax in Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into the “Old” and “New” EU Member States 222
Koji Kubo The Impacts of the Central Bank Foreign Exchange Auctions on the Parallel Market Exchange Rate in Myanmar 234
Tommaso Lando
Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti
A Mapping of Investor´s Risk Profile 243
Dagmar Linnertová Analysis of Factors Influencing the ETFs Short Sale Level in the US Market 251
Edyta Marcinkiewicz An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Index Futures Basis: The Case of Warsaw Stock Exchange 260
Petra Matušková Monte Carlo Simulation Methods as an Estimation Tool for Capital Requirements 270
Jiří Mazurek On Why Current Definitions of Economic Recessions Are Unsatisfactory and How to Improve It 280
Aleš Melecký
Monika Šulganová
Petra Lelková
Credit Risk and the Czech Macroeconomy: The Response of Non-performing Loans to Macroeconomic Fundamentals 286
Afrasiab Mirza
Frank Strobel
Leverage Requirements and Systemic Risk 296
Danuše Nerudová
Veronika Solilová
The Impacts of the CCCTB Introduction on the Distribution of the Group Tax Bases across the EU: The Study for the Czech Republic 308
Sergio Ortobelli Lozza
Filomena Petronio
Tomáš Tichý
A Financial Application of Multivariate Stochastic Orderings Consistent with Preferences 320
Sergio Ortobelli Lozza
Sebastiano Vitali
Marco Cassader
Reward and Risk in the Fixed Income Markets 329
Karolina Patora Comparative Analysis of Liquidity Position of the European Banks 341
Stanislav Polouček Lender of Last Resort and Too-Big-To-Fail Hypothesis 349
Lenka Přečková How Do Insurance Companies Inform their Clients of Insured Value within Business Insurance against Natural Disasters in the Czech Republic? 359
Angela Roman
Ioana-Iuliana Tomuleasa
Analysis of Profitability Determinants: Empirical Evidence of Commercial Banks in the New EU Member States 372
Petra Růčková
Tomáš Heryán
The Capital Structure Management in Companies from the Building Area in Conditions of the Czech Republic 384
Petra Růčková Analysis of the Relation Between Liquidity and Selected Indicators From the View of Solvency in Selected Business Branches 394
Iveta Řepková
Cynthia Louise Miglietti
Cost and Profit Efficiency of the Slovak Banking Sector 406
Petr Seďa Econometric Analysis of Linkages among Central European Stock Markets: an Impact of the Global Financial Crisis 417
Agnieszka Skoczylas-Tworek The Role of Audit in the Process of Optimizing the Management of Corporate Risk 429
Barbora Stanová
Lucia Kozmová
The Impacts of the Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures on the Money Stock Development in the USA and Euro area 437
Irena Szarowská The Options of Financial Sector Taxation 448
Jana Šimáková Extended Gravity Model of International Trade: An Empirical Application to Czech Trade Flows  456
Mária Širaňová Fiscal Consolidation and its Reflection in Euro Area Current Account Imbalances 462
Roman Šperka
Marek Spišák
Risk Impact in the Simulation: What Effects Brings Tobin Tax Involvement on the Stability of Financial Market? 475
Mehdi Toloo An Improved DEA-DA Approach: Application on Bank Industry 484
Pawel Trippner Analysis of Financial Liquidity Management in the Enterprise and its Impact on the Profitability 494
Pavla Vodová To Lend or to Borrow on the Interbank Market: What Matters for Commercial Banks in the Visegrad Countries 502
Laura Wallenius
Elena Fedorova
Mikael Collan
Surprise Effect of European Macroeconomic Announcements on CIVETS Stock Markets 513